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Hello Parents,Maryann Stoddart

Welcome to my Baby Products Essentials Website. My name is Maryann Stoddart and I’m a mother of a beautiful twins. I gave birth to a baby boy and a baby girl in 2015. They are my first babies, so I was overwhelmed on what to expect when I was pregnant. I was fortunate that my family and friends were there to help me prepare for my two bundle of joy. They were there when it’s time to pick what items do I need to buy for my babies.

Picking the Right Baby Essentials are Not Easy.

When I was creating my baby registry, it was a task, since I did not know what is the different type of nipples for my babies milk bottles or what brand of diapers are better for them. I also found out that I need wipes, and I need to use diaper ointment every time I change them so they were not developing a rash etc.  I wish that there was a website for me on that time listed what is important products for my babies and a list of products that I really don’t need.  Based on my experienced as a new mom, it gives me inspiration to build this website.

The Website is dedicated to help Parents.

I create my website with the intention to help parents to choose the right items that you need for your baby like Diapers, baby wipes, wipes warmer, diaper rash ointments, diapers dispensers and accessories and many more…. That’s the main reason I created this website, so mom and dad are not overwhelmed thinking about what they need for their new baby, and just enjoy taking care and loving your bundle of joy.

What do you need not want for your Baby?

Giving birth to my twins was the most joyous day of my life and it was stressful at the same time. I was overwhelmed about everything. I meant everything like feeding, burping, changing diapers, and putting them to sleep. Imagine changing diapers with two babies. To remedy the stressful part, I created the “Routine”. Once you get use to your routine with your baby, it will be come easy to manage.  To get less stressful, I was ready for anything.  I purchased the Essential products for feeding, burping, changing station, bathing and sleeping station etc…

It is safe to say that changing diapers is part of every parents routines.

Changing diapers with your baby gets easier to do once you have the right essentials for it. You need lots of diapers, lots of wipes and lots of diapers rash ointments. You also need wipes warmer because Imagine wiping your baby with a cold wipes in a cold rainy day or winter season, that baby will squeal like a pig. Diapers garbage dispenser is also important, so you can lock in the odor.  All of these items are very important for your adorable little baby.

Thank you for including me as part of your Parenting routines and journey!

Maryann Stoddart


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